Fantasy novel give-away on GoodReads

As the August 31st release date approaches for my concemporary fantasy novel Sarabande, I am celebrating with a book give-away on GoodReads. Three free copies are available. All you have to do is surf over to GoodReads, click on the ENTER TO WIN button and fill out the form. (If you’re not a member of GoodReads, registration is free.)

Sarabande is the 80,000-word story about Sarabande’s journey from her alternate-universe home deep in the Montana mountains to central Illinois in search of the once-powerful Sun Singer. She needs his help to rid her of the haunting ghost of her sister Dryad whom she killed in self-defense three years ago. She knows she has a 1,650 trip ahead of her. She does not know that the journey itself will be just as perilous as confronting the evil temptress Dryad.

Released by Vanilla Heart Publishing, Sarabande can be read as a stand-alone novel or as a sequel to The Sun Singer.  The e-book edition of Sarabande was released August 13 and is already available on Kindle.

Best of luck in the give-away. The entry deadline is October 1.


After her sister, Dryad haunts her from beyond the grave for three long and torturous years, Sarabande undertakes a dangerous journey into the past to either raise her cruel sister from the dead, ending the torment…or to take her place in the safe darkness of the earth.

Sarabande leaves the mountains of Montana for the cornfields of Illinois on a black horse to seek help from Robert Adams, the once powerful Sun Singer, in spite of Gem’s prophecy of shame. One man tries to kill her alongside a deserted prairie road…one tries to save her with ancient wisdom… and Robert tries to send her away.

Even if she persuades Robert to bring the remnants of his magic to Dryad’s shallow grave, the desperate man who follows them desires the Rowan staff for ill intent… and the malicious sister who awaits their arrival desires much more than a mere return to life.