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I’ll be your fantasy server this evening

Welcome to the world of fantasy. My name is Malcolm, and I’ll be your server this evening.

Today’s special is Sarabande, a bone-chilling new adventure about a young woman named Sarabande who risks a dangerous journey into her own past. With the help of the Sun Singer, she plans to raise Dryad from the dead so that her cruel sister’s ghost can no longer cause pain and suffering throughout a peaceful mountain valley.

Fantasy is a Dangerous Place

You’ll be reasonably safe in the world of fantasy while I am here to guide you. Otherwise, may I suggest that you read Sarabande during the daylight hours in the company of others. Do not read the novel at night unless the doors are locked.

Like abandoned mines, fantasy leads deep into the heart of strange landscapes, forbidden worlds and dreams, places where everyday reality fears to tread. Be careful and do not wander off alone, for the mysterious world of fantasy can be dangerous. That’s why I’m posting a warning sign here just like the one I saw recently in Virginia City, Nevada where gold and silver were once extracted from the earth.

Mining Fantasy Novels for Gold and Silver

While growing in a house full of books, I discovered high-quality ore in such fantasies as The Once and Future King and Lord of the Rings. Recently, others have discovered gold and silver in the Harry Potter books. The gold of dreams and the silver of mystery are not only exciting—they jump start the imagination.

I hope you’ll enjoy Sarabande. It’s available today in multiple e-book formats at Smashwords. Other editions will follow soon, including paperback. Dig deep, enjoy the ride, but please, read safely in well-lighted places.


  1. I’m sure looking forward to the print edition!

    August 14, 2011

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