New USS Ranger Foundation Video

The USS Ranger Foundation, currently working to transform the decommissioned carrier into a museum and heritage center in Fairview, Oregon, has posted a new video of YouTube.

The video displays a combination of great in-service photographs along with a selection of current-day photographs.

Fairview has a population of slightly less than 10,000 residents.

Project Overview (from the foundation web site)

The USS Ranger Foundation is dedicated to preserving USS Ranger as a community heritage center through public and private partnerships.

Ranger represented our country’s interests around the world as the “Top Gun of the Pacific Fleet” from 1957 through 1993. Earning 13 battle stars in Vietnam and taking a lead role in Desert Storm in the Middle East. She also supported humanitarian missions like Operation Restore Hope off the African coast.

The supercarrier is more than three football fields long, towering 15 stories above the waterline. A floating city that held over 5,000 crew members, Ranger has a 4.5 acre flight deck, 60-bed hospital, communications center and classrooms.

With Ranger’s active service over, the USS Ranger Foundation is working with the Navy to secure her donation and preserve important Naval history. Ranger will serve her new mission as the centerpiece of a destination complex. This will include a museum, memorial to those who served, educational training facility, emergency preparedness site and civic /convention resource.

Chinook Landing Marine Park, on the Columbia River in Fairview, Oregon, will be Ranger’s new home. Market research confirms the potential for the new
destination complex is significant, boosting local and regional economies. Support for the project has been widespread given the favorable research and
the obvious impact on jobs, business growth and a significant resource to the community.

The Foundation has launched a major fund raising campaign to support ship acquisition, site development, and completion of the heritage center.
The success of Ranger’s new mission will be the result of partnerships that create an exceptional public resource and the largest floating museum in the world. For more information on this project, please check our website at, or call 503-558-8519.

I served onboard the U.S.S. Ranger on two Western Pacific cruises (1968-1970) and based parts of my novel Garden of Heaven: an Odyssey on my experiences.

Author: Malcolm R. Campbell

Malcolm R. Campbell is the author of "Sarabande," "The Sun Singer," "At Sea," "Conjure Woman's Cat," "Eulalie and Washerwoman," and "Lena."

4 thoughts on “New USS Ranger Foundation Video”

  1. OMG!
    We put our boat in at Chinook Landing!
    I’m having trouble envisioning a floating city in the space. They’d have to do a lot of dredging to get it anywhere near the shore.
    It’s not a particularly scenic stretch of river–lots of power lines, a barge dock, and across the river in Camus there’s a pulp mill.
    There’s a huge parking lot there for the boat ramp. We’ve never seen it completely full, but they’d probably have to add a bit more parking.
    It’s an easy, drive along the Columbia from Portland airport.

  2. That will be strange, no matter how close the carrier is to the marina. Not sure about the site plan or even the prospective time table. My brother lives in Portland, but I haven’t been in the area for quite some time. Your boat’s going to look like an inner tube next to Ranger.

  3. I wonder if it could possibly fit into the plans to have land-based helicopter flights that could land on the flight deck. My thought is that it would be awesome for anyone to land and take off from her, not like the real thing of course, but it would certainly play on the imagination!

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