Heavens Peak Fire Lookout Assessment Open For Comments

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The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed stabilization of the Heavens Peak Fire Lookoutis complete and ready for public review and comment.

Built in 1945 by conscientious objectors, the rustic stone lookout was in operation until 1953 when aerial fire detection became the new standard.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986; however, the original historic fabric and structural integrity of the lookout is being lost through lack of maintenance and harsh weather conditions on the 8,994-foot Heaven’s Peak.

The planned project would be limited to repairs that would minimize further deterioration and keep the structure standing without upgrading the rail leading to the lookout.

According to the plan, “the building’s roofing system would be repaired and new roofing installed, and the floor would be repaired. Window and door components would be repaired, plexi-glass would be placed in selected windows for viewing purposes, shutters would be repaired or replaced, exterior and some interior surfaces would be re-painted and minor re-pointing, masonry, and concrete repairs would be made where necessary.”

Released last month, the EA concluded that the project will have moderate adverse long-term impacts on the site and that wildlife impacts will be negligible.

Click here to view the project page and read the documents.

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3 thoughts on “Heavens Peak Fire Lookout Assessment Open For Comments

  1. The simply must do this stabilization in my opinion! It is a real treasure, as are several other old lookout cabins in northwest Montana. There are two in my area that need to be restored and protected too. I hoped they were going to get to them last year when they had some of the stimulus money but they did not.

    1. The funds were appropriated last year, but then the NPS decided they needed an EA first. Let’s hope to comments period will come and go without upset and that the work planned for last summer can be done this coming summer.

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