Coming November 21: Blog Jog Day

Put on your running shoes this Sunday and be ready to race from post to post during the astoundingly awesome and deliciously overwhelming Second Annual Blog Jog Day. (It goes without saying that clothing is not required.)

After years of research and a few scrapes with demons, my Blog Jog Day post will be nothing less than splendidly tremendous.

Perhaps you will learn where all the bodies are buried.

Or the long-sought Confederate Gold.

Or Judge Crater (erroneously believed for years to be at the bottom of Crater Lake).

Or the meaning of the Beale ciphers of 1820.

Or why the world forgot about Burma Shave in in spite of those magical little roadside signs with jingles like The wolf is shaved so neat and trim, Little Red Riding Hood is chasing him.

If things get weird on Blog Jog Day, blame the full moon. If they don’t, then make sure to stay hydrated, and happy jogging.


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