Social Media and Glacier: Upcoming Lecture

from NPS Glacier:

From road and campground status, to park interpretation, fire, and search and rescue updates; learn the realm of communication possibilities through social media in Glacier National Park. On Tuesday, April 6th, from 12 – 12:45 pm at the West Glacier Community Building, Dave Restivo will present how Glacier National Park is joining in on social networking sites and how you can join in on the conversation.

There is no substitute for experiencing the park first hand, but with the ever increasing popularity of social networking media, thousands of visitors are having a virtual experience that can be very rewarding. With more than 375 million Facebook users to-date, Glacier‘s staff are actively finding new visitors “where they are at, and where they expect us to be.”

David Restivo is a Visual Information Specialist with time split between Glacier National Park and the Intermountain Regional Office developing new media interpretive products. He is the recipient of several 1st place awards from the National Association for Interpretation in Interpretive Media and was awarded the National Freeman Tilden Award from the NPS for excellence in Interpretation.

These Brown Bag lectures are made available by Glacier National Park’s Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center.


2 thoughts on “Social Media and Glacier: Upcoming Lecture

  1. Promoting the Park is very important now with a bad economy. Perhaps gaining some visitors will help the budget, which has to be pretty tight.

    • In addition to coping with tight budgets, the park’s outreach may create a better understanding of its mission. If the public understands, hopefully it will be more overtly supportive.

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