Favorite Place of Relaxation

Some guided meditation techniques begin with the leader/facilitator saying, “Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and as you slowly exhale, visualize your favorite place of relaxation.”

In most groups, a fair number of people will choose real or imagined sunny meadows, mountain valleys, quiet ocean beaches, and silent lakes. These are soothing places.

I tend to pick actual locations for my favorite places of relaxation because they are so easy to visualize. And then, if the meditation–or shaman’s style journey–calls for me to move around, I can quickly see myself walking along an actual trail I know well.

Whenever I return to that place “in real life,” I find that a psychic bond has been created via my frequent visualizations of it. In ways difficult to describe, I am closer and more attuned to the land, the animals, the trees and the flowers in that location than I would be if I had never visualized the spot in meditations and dreams. The favorite place of relaxation has now become a place of power.

The land “gives back” in response to our appreciation of it. As we honor it, it honors us in return and in greater measure.

Copyright (c) 2005 by Malcolm R. Campbell

6 thoughts on “Favorite Place of Relaxation

  1. Your last paragraph is so true, and such a powerful statement. A true understanding of that would go a long way toward correcting many of the problems in today’s America.

    I guess I am very fortunate because I have such easy access to many of my favorite trails. I walk along them in memory many times as I go to sleep at night.

    1. Thank you, Montucky. To some extent, I see through your Montana Outdoors your favorite places of relaxation, close enough to see them in real life at a moment’s notice, and then again in memory.


  2. When I do this, my mind insists on taking me to an island I’ve never been to in this life. I float ashore on a raft, nudge that direction by a gray whale. I climb a beautiful cascading waterfall to the top of a pine-covered bluff, and run barefoot through the pines to the center of the island before backtracking to a spot on the bluff where a sort of a bowl, or nest, is worn into the ground. I sit in this nest and look out to sea, where I see the gray whale swimming and spouting. I’ve never been to this place, as I said, but I really wonder if this island exists somewhere.

    Cool post, Malcolm.

    1. Perhaps you will be on a cruise and put in at a port of call where there’s time to hike, and suddenly there will be a dejavu feeling about the place, and you’ll find the waterfall and the bluff and see the grey whale. Yet, if it didn’t exist before, it did once you created it.


  3. I like this, Malcolm. I can think of several places: The Baths on Virgin Gorda, a little casita at Las Brisas in Acapulco, and the hiking trail just down the road from my house. I will meditate on it soon, before my next walk, looking forward to the experiences.

    Ann Joiner

    1. Thanks, Ann. Most of us can probably think of some places that have special meanings for us and that are also relaxing. It will be interesting to see what experiences you have in “the real place” after meditating on it.


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