Editing on a snowy afternoon

Lesa Campbell photo

What a perfect afternoon for finishing the edits for the new edition of “The Sun Singer” coming soon from Vanilla Heart Publishing. The afternoon snow ensured that (a) few people would be showing up at the front door and (b) everyone would be trying to get home before a big traffic jam started rather than dialing my phone number.

After we took a few pictures and warmed up some leftover stew for dinner, I e-mailed the file to the publisher.

I haven’t heard about any traffic jams in Jackson County, but WSB radio out of Atlanta was monitoring bumper-to-bumper traffic around the Metro area as an above-average number of people left work early on a Friday afternoon. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was reporting (as of 7:30 p.m.) “Over 160 accidents reported as metro area receives 2-3 inches of snow.”

Area roads are expected to get worse as temperatures drop beneath 32 degrees in light snow.

When one is on the road, snow can be an annoyance, though I certainly got used to it during the seven years I lived on the Illinois/Wisconsin border and commuted into Chicago. But around here, the snow is some how different: we’re not used to it, we don’t have the equipment to contend with it, and we definitely aren’t driving with chains or studded snow tires.

But when one is inside, the snow tends to quiet down the world and make ones home feel even more like a sanctuary. The quiet alone makes it a good time to work on a book.



2 thoughts on “Editing on a snowy afternoon

  1. I love that photo! Wouldn’t think for a minute that was in Georgia. Being that you are not a newcomer to snow, I bet that’s a comfortable and pleasant experience for you! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. We got a lot more snow after that picture was taken. It looks nice today with the sun out. The temps are rising though, so there’s a steady thudding sound outside as the snow falls off the trees. The streets are almost in pretty good shape after icing over last night.


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