Glacier Centennial: Green Business Program

from NPS Glacier…

The National Parks Conservation Association has teamed up with the Centennial Program to launch a Green Business Program. This program will empower local businesses to reduce their environmental impact, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable means of doing business.

Through collective action, Glacier Centennial Green Businesses will help to reduce the environmental impact on our region; decrease the amount of unnecessary waste that goes into our landfill, reduce energy use, conserve water, and foster a healthy local economy by supporting local businesses.

Mark your calendars! Join us for several Green Business Activities on April 20-22, 2010. Stay tuned for more information.

Click here for more information and a PDF application form. Even if you’re not applying, the form itself has a lot of valuable tips and links.


3 thoughts on “Glacier Centennial: Green Business Program

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  2. I hope this goes well. the Park will need as much publicity and good will as it can get in the face of the Canadian mining issues that threaten the park and everything down stream.

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