Guard Cat

Katy and her spooky reflection
After three of us uploaded pictures of our offices on a Yahoo group for writers, somebody asked if all writers keep cats near at hand while writing.

The answer to that question is probably “no” unless we’re talking about witches who can’t write without their familiar standing by.

Nonetheless, Katy guards my den while I’m at work. From her position next to the file cabinet, she can see all the way down the hall. This way, other entities–such as my wife, guests coming in the front door, or the other three cats in the house–cannot approach without challenge.

When Katy gets bored with her duties, she squeezes in behind me on my desk chair and falls asleep–with one eye open.


2 thoughts on “Guard Cat

  1. Looks like you are being well guarded. I can’t believe that reflection on the cabinet: that’s cool!

    It’s been a year now since we lost our cat and another one hasn’t found us yet. In a way that’s good news though I guess because part of what it means is that no one has just dropped off an unwanted cat outside of town.

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