Your Library: Myth v. Fact


Myth: I’m already funding my library by paying my late fees and purchasing items at book sales.

Fact: Late fees and book sale dollars provide a very modest contribution to libraries and support replacement of materials lost and items not returned. Fees and fines are not sufficient to support operating or program activities.

I worked my way through school as a student and graduate assistant at the libraries of Florida State University and Syracuse University. While college library funding is different than your public library’s city budget allocations, I saw first hand how far the fines and fees we collected at the desk did NOT go.

Whatever you geek (love, like, adore), the library is there to support you. Today, I needed to find an old book about Glacier National Park. My local library didn’t have it, but they found it quickly within our regional library system.


2 thoughts on “Your Library: Myth v. Fact

    1. Our small public library is only 5 minutes from my house by car and has access to a large number of books via the regional library system. I don’t think I would relish a 90-mile drive for books, but on the other hand the natural beauty of your area would more than make up for it.


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