North Georgia
North Georgia

Six inches of snow are enough for officials to call a snow day for students throughout Jackson County, 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. Now, where did I leave that old set of studded snow tires?

Somebody on Twitter asked this morning how the snow is affecting us. So far so good as the power flickers from time to time rather than going out. Makes me glad we have APC surge protectors with battery backup for our computers.

There’s been more time to read. I just finished a review of Secret Son by Laila Lalami and am now reading Saara’s Passage by Karen Autio.

I’m giving some thought to clearing away some of these piles of paper that have drifted high along the counters and desk in my office and them seemingly frozen there even though each item seemed important when it was carefully added to the top of the clutter.

With no grocery shopping to do this morning (my usual Monday morning chore), I had more time to put out a fresh block of suet for the red bellied woodpecker who was, instead, pecking at the few remaining seeds in a feeder. The titmice and chickadees and cardinals now have a fresh storehouse of sunflower seeds. There are breadcrumbs out there for the bluejays. Crunching about in the frozen snow was certainly more relaxing than wheeling a cart up and down the aisles at the grocery.

Since I don’t have to commute several hours to work, I can enjoy our snow day, though I’m not enough of a kid to go outside and make any snow angels in the front yard.


2 thoughts on “Snowfall

  1. That’s a lot of snow for you folks! I like the photo (guess I’m not tired of snow yet)! I bet all of the kids were having a marvelous day.

  2. Thanks, Montucky.

    A few kids even found old sleds their parents had when they lived up north, then packed away when they moved to GA. It’s too soon for us to be tired of snow yet. It’s off the roads, but the yards look pretty nice.


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