Remembering Favorite Moments in 2008

Both the Internet and the print media are filled with lists these days, the best fiction and nonfiction, the biggest tragedies, the most important events.

I could make my own list and then dwell upon it as though the existence of the list somehow validates something about my life.

I would include the fact that my nephew took his own life and that my novel completed in March has not yet found a willing publisher. I would include the fact that I saw my daughter and her husband and my 11-month-old granddaughter and that I’m stepping down as the chair of our local historic preservation commission in two more days. My wife and I had a great time with family in Memphis over Thanksgiving and with my wife’s folks on Christmas day.

Yet, I can see that even if I took these events and listed them with numbers or bullets, the presentation would completely miss the joy and the pain they brought me and other people.

So, as the year ends, I’d much rather leave a photograph or two, each of which is worth a thousand words, and say that the moments captured in pixels will always bring a smile to my face when I think of  both the innocent deer and the sweet voice of the water.

Deer along the roadway between Lake Louise and Banff
Deer along the roadway between Lake Louise and Banff
My wife Lesa and I along the Bow River
My wife Lesa and I along the Bow River

Best wishes for a happy new year as you think back on your favorite moments of 2008.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Favorite Moments in 2008

  1. We too had some bad times during the year but many very good ones also. Th photos that I saved are very precious to me but maybe not quite as precious as the ones that were captured in my mind and heart and never made it o the camera. Life is indeed precious, isn’t it!

    We wish you and Lesa a wonderful and happy new year!

  2. silken

    thanks for your thoughts here. I like lists, but you are right that they in no way validate me or my activities. the best of times and the worst of times come together to help make us who we are and bring us to where we are right now. I often regret not getting a photo of some event, but I do know that I have it treasured up in my heart. Have a happy and blessed new year!

  3. I used to think that I’d eventually live through a year where everything would go right – and then I’d finally be getting my life together! Somehow or other that’s never happened, and I suspect it never will. I’ve come to realize that life just isn’t like that. It is full of ups and downs, joys and sadnesses – and if we can be at peace with that, *then* we are getting somewhere.

    Wishing you a peaceful 2009!

  4. I’ve been looking for a year like that, too, Simon. Presumably, we’d learn and experience a lot less if we kept having the kind of years we plan for.

    Somehow, Silken, those lists aren’t easy to give up. More photographs would be nice, but I’m usually too lazy to remember to have the camera with me more of the time.


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