Lila Shaara’s New Novel

Author Lila Shaara (“Every Secret Thing,” 2006) has a new novel called “The Fortune Teller’s Daughter” due out December 30 from Ballantine.

While the Kirkus and Publishers Weekly reviews are mixed, author Nancy Thayer says the new novel is “is fresh and authentic, the plot complex and full of surprises. This compelling suspense novel has it all–mystery, romance, fascinating characters, and some very creepy moments.”

I hope Thayer’s review is more typical of what Shaara will be hearing in response to her novel. I have high hopes for it, in part because fortune teller stories catch my attention and partly because the novel is set in north Florida where Shaara and I grew up.

While she would have no reason to remember me, I remember her as a “kid” moving around more or less behind the scenes of her father’s house. Her father, Michael Shaara (The Killer Angels) taught my Florida State University creative writing class at his house and his two children usually noticed the giant table of munchies set out for us at break time.

She has two heavy duty acts to follow, her late father as well as her brother Jeff (a prolific author of award-winning historical fiction). In light of that, I wish her well today as a pre-0rder “The Fortune Teller’s Daugher.”

Today’s Table Scraps

  1. Leave a comment on my Eye Blink Fiction weblog for a chance to win a free hard cover copy of the novel “Tethered.” What a great debut novel by Amy MacKinnon.
  2. My poem “Sock Puppet” won second prize in The Smoking Poet’s first annual poetry contest. You can see the winning poems here.
  3. Today’s quotation: “One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork.” –Edward Abbey

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