My Experiment With Authonomy

Don’t worry, Authonomy is not a mysterious philter to be used at midnight beneath a full moon. It’s HarperCollins’ “avoid the slush” website where authors with manuscripts in search of a publisher and/or print-on-demand books in search of a mainstream house can upload their work to be read, watched and commented upon by adoring readers.

Is a good place for your manuscript? Possibly so. If you’re not sure, take a look at my entry for The Sun Singer and then take a look at the FAQs. I’ve only uploaded one chapter of the novel so far, but plan to add more as time permits.

I’m sure quantum mechanics principles will become involved in this experiment before it’s over. With luck, it will become an exciting entanglement.

Note: Authonomy closed in 2015:


2 thoughts on “My Experiment With Authonomy

  1. Hi Malcolm, I really enjoy the blogs you write and Autonomy site I came across it and it looks good so far, I will look at you book there and vote. Do you think they accept poetry? or is it just novels, any how, take care,

  2. Hi Aine,

    Thanks for your kind words about the posts. I read about Authonomy when it first went up, then forgot about it until somebody in one of the LinkedIn groups mentioned it. Then I started scoping out the site to see what if offered. They do have a list of genres one can use to categorize their work. I think I’ve seen nonfiction there. Not sure about poetry. I would hope so.


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