It’s time for the WordPress annual report about what the heck happened here

blogcollageAccording to the gurus at WordPress, two of my posts were hogging most of the visitors in 2105. One of them is two years old. This years’s favorite is Okay, who in my zip code is an Ashley Madison User? and the still-visited post from 2013 is The Bare-Bones Structure of a Fairy Tale. The first one I understand; as for the second one, I have no idea why there are so many hits.

You can see the entire report here:

As you’ll notice if you read the report, a lot of you are still curious about Navy slang, but fewer of you are looking up stories about the White House Boys this year as stories about the Dozier School in Marianna, Florida haven’t been in the news as often. I probably will have little or nothing more to say about the aircraft carrier Ranger which the Navy, showing lack of sense, decided to scrap rather than turn into a museum. (I’m biased about this, I know.)

Guest Posts

This blog has always been open to guest posts from other writers, though I have to say I never really solicited them. If you’re an author and want to contribute a guest post of 500 to 750 words, send me an e-mail at with the words GUEST POST IDEA in the subject line.

I don’t run guest posts that are direct sales pitches to buy a person’s book. However, I will run an author’s picture and a book cover picture for anyone whose guest post runs in the blog. To see what I’m looking for, take a look at How to Write a Decent Guest Post on my Sun Singer’s Travels Blog. Then, if you want to try it out, send me an idea of what you want to say or send me the post itself to the e-mail address above.

Meanwhile, I’ve appreciated the 15,000 people who stopped by the blog this year. Best wishes for 2016.