Spackle, Mop, Molding, Caulk, etc.

If you’re a writer, you know this already: sometimes one has to stop writing and clean up the house.

mopThis summer, my wife and I have been more ambitious than cleaning up, though goodness knows we let that slide for way too long.

The first word of the summer is downsizing. That means getting rid of stuff we’ve been saving for years and really don’t need. Some of the stuff never came out of the boxes from the day we moved into this house in 2002. I guess if we didn’t open it in 12 years, chances are we don’t need it.

And all those extra books. Fifteen boxes were donated to the library for their annual sale. I feel better about that than putting them in the trash.

When the House Settles, Get Out Your Spackle and Caulk

Spackle has gone up on cracks that showed up as the house settled. New molding has gone down where (more house settling) created a gap between the original molding and the linoleum. The carpets were washed last night with our spray-and-vac, and look much better this morning.

I can’t count how many tubes of caulk we’ve gone through, how many sponges, paper towels, and brushes that have been used up, or how many times the ladder has come in front the garage. (Don’t ask about the garage yet, though it’s gotten better.)

You can probably say, “been there, done that, got the tee shirt.” It’s amazing how little time it takes for a new house or a new car to lose that “new” look and get to the point where washing things as often as you did on the first day loses its appeal.

While cleaning and fixing, I’ve been thinking of the next ghost story. I wish I could say that some Disney Elves or friendly spirits had stopped by to help out. Now THAT would be a story!

Today my hands smell like bleach. Yesterday they smelled like Windex. Tomorrow, maybe my hands–along with the house–will smell clean and look neat.

I hope you’re having a productive weekend as well.