Orlando’s Real Open Mic Plans STRAT Tribute

Orlando area poets will hold a tribute to the late poet and hip hop performer Dave Campbell (aka STRAT), on Wednesday, March 17th at Orlando’s Real Open Mic to celebrate the release of his poetry book “big bad slam poet” and his CD with the same name.

Campbell, who died in 2008, is known to many in the Orlando area arts community and beyond for his poetry and hip hop talents. He won many poetry slams and rap battles.

Fellow poet Curtis Meyer wrote, “to see STRAT freestyle was scary, not only because of the quality of his lines, but because he could go on forever. It was as if poetry was trapped in his body possessing him, trying to get out.”

Campbell’s poetry will be read at the tribute by some of the poets who knew him best, including National Poetry Slam participants. Copies of his book and CD will be available for purchase after the show. Orlando’s Real Open Mic is held at Urban Deli located at 625 East Central Boulevard and begins at 8:00 p.m. Admission is free.


‘big bad slam poet’ published

from Barry Campbell…

Poetry by STRAT
A book of poetry, “big bad slam poet,” by Dave Campbell (aka STRAT) was released this month. Campbell, who died last year, is known to many in the Orlando area arts community and beyond as a talented poet and hip hop artist. He won numerous poetry slams and rap battles. He grew up in the Orlando area and refined his poetry and hip hop skills while working at various jobs.

Campbell’s book has insightful poems about relationships and life in general. In addition to the poetry book, a CD with the same name as the book and with Campbell performing 14 of his poems is expected to be released by the end of the year. The name of both the book and the CD are also the title of one of Campbell’s poems.

Curtis Meyer, a five time participant at the National Poetry Slam, said that “it was as if poetry possessed” Campbell. Campbell “oozed charisma and talent” and “epitomized spoken word as an art form” according to Meyer.

Click on the photo link for more information. The book should become available at additional online booksellers in the coming weeks.

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