What are authors doing when they’re not writing?

Here’s your multiple guess response:

  1. Drinking
  2. Researching something that may or may not help with the next book
  3. Considering a job in the real estate business–or, basically anything other than writing
  4. Reading another author’s books as an excuse for not writing
  5. Studying potential marketing plans in hopes of competing with James Patterson and Catherine Coulter (haha)
  6. Spending more money on a new website that costs more than his or her books are likely to earn
  7. We’re always writing even if we’re not actually writing

I guess all of the above are true. Yesterday afternnoon, my wife and I went down to Duluth, Georgia to the Southeastern Railway Museum’s celebration of its move to a new site some twenty years ago. We had fun seeing a museum we hadn’t been do in a very long time. We moved away (twice) and volunteering there was no longer possible.

Funny thing is, we wandered into the museum because I was doing research on railways for a book. We got trapped. We became volunteers. We worked our butts off for about ten years there. It’s easy to become derailed when you’re doing research.

Yes, I did write the book.

But for quite a few years, the museum was a passion because both my wife and I loved history.

As you may have heard, everything a writer experiences might end up in the next book. (I usually change the names to protect the guilty.)  If you think one of the characters in one of my books, you’re right, it might be you. But here’s the thing: everything we see when we’re not sitting at a keyboard might become part of the next story. Figuratively speaking, we’re always writing.

We see our lives as a series of stories, Sometimes I write them down and they become novels. Like most authors, I don’t make any money doing that because very few authors in the U.S. actually make any money. But, we’re addicted to writing when we aren’t drinking.


My latest novel is called “Lena” and takes place in north Florida when the KKK was still a real problem. 





Tuesday Morning Roundup

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MYTHRIDER: Did you know Adam and Eve were created in north Florida? Preacher E. E. Callaway thought so and, for years, promoted Florida’s Garden of Eden on the Apalachicola River fifty miles west of Tallahassee. Now the preserve with its rare trees and ravines is managed by the Nature Conservancy, but it still has a Garden of Eden trail for old time’s sake.

I used the Garden of Eden as one of the settings in my novel Garden of Heaven.

MORNING SATIRICAL NEWS: Jock talks about the new study which claims it’s better for your health to drink than to abstain: “Before sobering up this morning I read a paper in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research Journal about a new study that claims sobering up is bad for a man’s health.”

You can always count on Jock Stewart to tell you the true facts about the important news of the day.

WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: My friend Rhett DeVane has co-written (with Larry Rock) a fabulous spoof of the latest vampire fad in fiction called “Evenings on Dark Island.” I couldn’t resist posting a snippet or two in today’s Teaser Tuesday blog.

This book is so good, it almost makes a guy feel like biting somebody’s neck.