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How to tell the difference between a blog hop and the bunny hop

This post is presented as a public service after a barrage of text messages coming in to the Malcolm’s Round Table International Headquarters indicated that a lot of people were scared. The problem arose over the letters BH. Today, they stand for blog hop.
Years ago, they stood for bunny hop. But now: In a text message, BH 2nite? led many people to believe they were supposed to meet up on the dance floor. After Googling Bunny Hop, people stated (for the record) that they’d rather be caught dead than caught doing the bunny hop.

Quite understandable.

Even during the heyday of the bunny hop in the 1950s, most of the guys leaning up against the walls of the gym where most high school hops (dances) were held screamed “oh no!” whenever the bunny hop got started.

It snaked all around the dance floor picking up wallflowers as it went. At my high school, it was always led, started or planned by the feisty lady who led the pep rallies and the cheerleading squad. I think she was a Navy SEAL with a smile.

Okay, here it is

Bunny: Snakes around a high school dance floor.

Blog: Snakes around the Internet.

Bunny: Imprints the addictive music in your head for weeks and for the rest of your life maybe, returning in your dreams to haunt you.

Blog: Brings you (hopefully) an exciting series of posts as you hop from blog to blog hearing only the music of your choice from your MP3 player.


Bunny: Forced you to grab the butt (often appropriately) of the person ahead of you in line (see picture) while tapping the floor with one foot, then the other, then leaping backward, then forward.

Blog: According to the Federal government, blog hops are coverened by a section in the code that proclaims: Mama don’t allow no butt grabbing around here.

Bunny: Sometimes people got hurt.

Blog: Casualty free for years.

For a shining example of a blog hop with more class than this post, stop by on Friday, December 16th for the Sleigh Bells and Inkwells Blog Hop, featuring a baker’s dozen writers who will knock your socks off without forcing you to dance or remember frightening music.