Sunday Smatterings – free book, Amtrak, work at home woes

Random stuff on a rainy day in Georgia.

  • My contemporary fantasy novel The Sun Singer is free on Kindle today and tomorrow. If you download the book, I hope you enjoy this hero’s journey story about an every-day guy who stumbles into an adjacent universe where he’s pulled into a civil war. If you like the story, you may also be interested in Sarabande, the sequel from Thomas-Jacob Publishing. Sarabande is only $3.99 on Kindle.
  • I’ve been following the news today about the collision of Amtrak’s Silver Star (service from New York to Miami) in South Carolina early this morning. As of now, there are two fatalities (from the Amtrak train crew) and 116 injuries. It appears at this point that a misaligned switched sent the passenger train onto a track with a parked freight train. This is the third in a recent series of Amtrak incidents and, in addition to the first concern about the dead and injured, it comes at a bad time inasmuch as the current administration wants to cut Amtrak funds rather than expand them.
  • A Facebook discussion thread today focuses on the problems of people who work at home. Friends, neighbors, and (sometimes) family assume that writers, online college students, and others who are home all day are available at any time to do errands, babysitting, and goodness knows what else at a moment’s notice. Speaking for writers, I have to say that deadlines are deadlines whether you work at home or out of an office. People don’t seem to understand that he work-at-home writer has deadlines from the publisher, conferences, tutoring, articles and other obligations.
  • I thought when my vision got blurry several years ago that cataract surgery would fix it. And it did. But now things are getting blurry again. My eye doctor tells me that a small percentage of cataract patients develop a film over their eyes that needs to be removed with a LASER procedure. So, on Valentines Day, I’ll be at the local hospital’s outpatient surgical center having another eye thing. I’m sure all of you will send expensive gifts
  •  We’re having spaghetti tonight because it’s easy. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday night supper as well.


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