Goodbye to Heron Dance Literary and Art Studio


“Well, it’s been nineteen years of Heron Dance. Nineteen good years of creative experiments, of successes and failures, of life on a variety of edges: creative, financial, cultural. Everyone who has ever worked at Heron Dance has appreciated the kindness, the understanding and good energy of the people who call us, email us and write us letters. You’ve kept Heron Dance going. In response all we can say is that it has been our privilege to do this work. Anything else I write now, trying to describe how this feels after nineteen years, seems empty.”  Roderick W. MacIver, Artist, Founder

heronDuring the last nineteen years, I’ve purchased Heron Dance books, calendars, note cards and one print. Frames costing what they do, the print is not yet on the wall.

The artist and publisher’s philosophy of nature and impressionistic witnessing of it in paintings is exceptional:

“Water shapes my work. I co-create with water. I paddle the wild river, and then sit–or camp–on its banks. I paint the feelings and perceptions the river offers.”

Unfortunately, the publisher is closing its doors because—quite possibly—it had too many customers like me who didn’t have the budget for providing better support.

The final catalogue, shown here, displays the publisher’s liquidation sale. There’s the beautiful Heron Dance Book of Love and Gratitude at about 50% off. Notecards, as well, along with a beautiful selection of prints.

You can find the Heron Dance liquidation listing here.

Best wishes to Roderick W. MacIver—and thanks for all the work.



6 responses

  1. Sorry to see this. Heron Dance was a beautiful magazine, for lack of a better word, although that word doesn’t seem to do it justice.

  2. I loved Heron Dance. It was one of the great inspirations for me to learn to paint. That wet-into-wet is still what I prefer. There’s nothing like the experience of watching what the paint will do. There’s no other medium where that kind of magic happens.