Contest Winners – SARABANDE Book Give-Away Challenge


I am happy to announce the winners of Malcolm’s Genuine Sub Rosa SARABANDE Book Give-Away Challenge that ended at December 31, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.

The object of the contest was to be the first person to correctly guess what item was lying on the table next to the rose in the magic cabin that appears in Sarabande, Garden of Heaven: an Odyssey, and The Sun Singer.

Only one person guessed correctly, though the other suggestions (including a cross, flower petal, miniature tree, and a decanter of liquor) were great. The second and third place winners were determined by drawing names out of a hat.

  1. First Place: Smoky Zeidel who guessed correctly. There is an osprey feather next to the rose in the vase. In fact, it’s an osprey feather quill pen. Smoky wins a signed, paperback copy of Sarabande.
  2. Second Place: Judith Mercado wins an e-book copy of Sarabande.
  3. Third Place: Ramey Channell wins a colorful bookmark.

Thank you to everyone who entered the give-away challenge and for coming up with so many great ideas for what just might have been lying on the table. As it is, the osprey feather pen is, figuratively speaking, the writing instrument used to tell the stories featuring that magical cabin in the Montana mountains.

Happy New Year.



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