Glacier National Park Fund Seeks Legacy Project Support

“The Centennial Legacy Projects represent the short term goals that were identified through listening sessions and feedback from our wonderful visitors. GNPF has undertaken these projects as a ‘birthday gift’ to the Park in addition to help funding other programs and events for the Centennial. We invite you to help us reach our goal of $250,000 and make these projects a reality in 2010.”Glacier National Park Fund

The Glacier National Park Fund has raised $72,000 in support of a wheelchair accessible trail at Many Glacier and $36,000 (the funding goal) in support of a Heaven’s Peak Fire Lookout stabilization project.

Work on the Fire Lookout project is on hold pending the results of an environmental impact assessment.

Phase I of the Many Glacier trail project will provide a 1/4-mile hardened and level surface over an existing dirt foot trail along the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake between the Swiftcurrent Creek bridge and an existing picnic area. Work on the trail began this summer.

I cautiously support this project: Boardwalks and hardscape trails can and do make trail areas more accessible while protecting plants as well as surfaces in high-traffic areas. However, they can also lead to the use of bikes, rollerblades and skateboards in area where their use in not appropriate. NPS needs to ensure this does not happen.

The Fund is 40% of the way toward their goal of $75,000 to help support a wheelchair-accessible wildlife viewing area in the parking lot at Swiftcurrent. The location is expected to provide 360-degree viewing.

Other projects include proposed exhibits at Logan Pass, People in Glacier and Citizen Science. Click here for more details and/or to make a donation.

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2 thoughts on “Glacier National Park Fund Seeks Legacy Project Support

  1. I rather like the idea of the wheelchair trail, but I agree with you that its use must be monitored and not abused.

    I’m not sure I understand the requirement for an EIA just to stabilize a lookout cabin unless possibly the ground under it requires a remodel.

    1. Maybe a tasteful sign at the trailhead prohibiting the wrong kind of wheels on the trail would work.

      FIRE LOOKOUT: It may be more of a required public comments process for certain kinds of projects than an overt concern about the environment unless the somewhat difficult trail also has to be upgraded as well.

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