Fairview, Oregon selected for Super Carrier Museum

from the USS Ranger Foundation

The USS Ranger Foundation has selected the site that we as a Foundation think is the perfect location for Ranger.

Chinook Landing is within the city of Fairview, Oregon on the Columbia River and is a beautiful park-like property. It’s just west of the 1st National Scenic Area-at the entrance to the Columbia Gorge.

The enthusiasm at City Hall, and from the community is incredible!

Many have asked if Ranger can make it up river to Chinook Landing and the answer is YES! It won’t be easy and there needs to be much cooperation, but Ranger will make it through the bridges and the channel is deep enough. The details are many, but we have worked with the experts who know how to make this happen, and with that cooperation, Ranger will moor at Chinook Landing.

This location will bring needed jobs, tourists and a positive economic impact to East County.

Shoreline at Chinook LandingChinook Landing is owned and operated by Metro, regional government, as one of the busiest boat launch facilities in Oregon. The proposal is to moor Ranger in another area of the park-leaving the existing parking and boat launch for Oregon’s boaters. A satisfactory moorage agreement between Metro and the Boat Launch at Chinook LandingFoundation is in the works.

We are working towards our September 3rd Phase II application submission and have much to do. Thanks to the Visitor Development Fund-a part of Travel Portland, we were able to fully fund the Marketing/Feasibility update and 25% of the Environmental study that also must be completed. We now need to raise the other 75% needed for the study.

We thank those of you who have donated over the past years. In the last few months, we have raised over $100,000 of the $250,000 needed for this phase of the application, but we have much further to go!

Help us raise the remaining $150,000 needed now!

The USS Ranger Foundation is a registered, non-profit corporation established March 5, 2001, organized for the purpose of securing, maintaining and operating the decommissioned super carrier USS RANGER CV-61 as an educational center, museum and Military Memorial.

I served aboard the USS Ranger during the Western Pacific cruises to Vietnam of 1968 and 1969, before being assigned to the public information staff at the Great Lakes Naval Training Facility. The aircraft carrier sequences in my novel Garden of Heaven while not about the Ranger, were inspired by my service on board the carrier.

Ranger Public Affairs Office in 1969. I'm standing with a coffee mug second from the right.

14 thoughts on “Fairview, Oregon selected for Super Carrier Museum

  1. Make it happen! I was in VA-145 aboard Ranger in 1970 – 1971. I’d love to see our White Horse and Lady come across the flight deck one more time! Let it happen and we will come…

  2. 1971 air force ch-3 helicopter we had to hot refuel off her deck in order to complete recoverying a fire bee recon drone off coast of vietnam. around the time of the Son Tay POW camp raid. because of her and her crew the our mission was a success god bless her crew and everyone who ever served on her.

  3. Served on board USS Ranger from Apr 79 to Feb 81 in FACCON as RM2 COMMSYSTECH Controller. Am looking forward to visiting her once she is setup and ready.

  4. My dad served on the Ranger my entire childhood. I would love to see this as a museum to visit.

    1. You probably heard quite a bit about Ranger, Amy. The ship last served during the Gulf War, so people would have seen it on the news. But that’s nothing like being able to go on board and see everything up close and to imagine what it was like for the crew. I’m sure a lot of people who tour the Yorktown near Charleston come away with a better understanding of the world of an aircraft carrier.

  5. 1. When is the estimated date of arrival?

    2. Will the non-profit also need space – like potentially renovating the Greyhound Park? Or will everything be SELF-contained on the aircraft carrier?

    1. Barbara, I don’t know what the ETA is. The next phase of the application was submitted to the Navy earlier this fall; so far, I haven’t heard how long they take to evaluate whether to move a ship from a mothballed status to a private organization. They have selected a location for the ship in Fairview. More details are at http://www.ussranger.org.


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