Historic Fire Lookout Repairs to Begin in August

The Glacier Park Fund’s Heaven’s Peak Legacy Project has reached its goal of $36,000 allowing work to begin on the historic fire lookout this August. This is the fund’s first legacy project to reach its goal.

Fire Lookout - Gary Ludwig photo

While the 1945 lookout is structurally sound, the deteriorating roof and missing shutters have threatened its long-term survival. The lookout was constructed by Civilian Public Service (CPS) workers.

The work involves stabilizing the roof, repairing and reconstructing shutters, repairing and painting exposed exterior wood surfaces, and masonry stabilization.

A grand-nephew of one of the men who constructed the lookout has formed a volunteer group to assist the Glacier Associates and local volunteers with the project.

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2 thoughts on “Historic Fire Lookout Repairs to Begin in August

  1. It’s good to see them doing that! Those old cabins are real treasures. There are several in this area that need some work too but I haven’t heard anything about it this year yet. Renovating them is quite a process because they do it as close as possible to the original.

    • I was pretty sure they would be able to raise the money when I first posted something about the lookout. With my bad ankles and knees, I’m unlikely to ever hike up to see it. Too bad, for it would be fun. Plus there’s a great view.

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