Snow is falling across North East Georgia

The rain turned to snow this morning while I was running early-morning errands to the pharmacy and the grocery store.

The checker at the grocery store looked out at the snow in the parking lot and demanded to know “Who authorized this?” I told her to blame “corporate” since the brass are responsible for most of the stuff that doesn’t go right in the grocery business.

The weather service was on again, off again about the snow. Now they’re on again. School systems are already sending kids home, or plan to, as 1-4 inches are expected in varying amounts from Atlanta northward into the mountains. Many flights out of Atlanta have been canceled or delayed. Salt and sand trucks are out.

I’m glad I topped off the bird feeders yesterday: quite a few birds are there giving my cats something to watch from the kitchen window. As always, e-mail messages and phone calls seem to taper off during “bad weather” around here, so that means I have more time for work.

Those of you who follow the weekly Tuesday Teaser postings in many book-related blogs can find my teaser for “The Women of Camp Sobingo” on today’s Writer’s Notebook.

My sketch about the Blue Ridge Parkway, “A Gentle Road, A Gentle Land” can be found on my Xanga weblog.

Memories of my grandfather and his role in promoting irrigation in the dry land of central Washington, “Looking for Water in the Promised Land” is on my Sun Singer’s Travels weblog.

I notice that the paperback version of the new second edition of my mountain adventure novel “The Sun Singer” has now appeared as in stock on Amazon.

Good reading, I’m hoping, for a snowy day.


4 thoughts on “Snow is falling across North East Georgia

  1. It’s so ironic that all of the white stuff that has outstayed its welcome there would be very welcome here! This winter has just been upside down!

    • And now this morning, with the rising temps, most of the snow is gone and the day is heading toward sunny and warm. Maybe we ought to box up some sunshine and mail it to Montana.

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