Getting out of holiday mode

Those of us who work at home often re-discover each year how easy it is for our schedules to get completely trashed between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

We fall into Holiday Mode.

We’re told not to do this. After all, most people with 9-5 jobs don’t get a month off for the season. Why should we? Still, it’s tempting to do a few extra errands, go to a few Christmas parties, and chatter on social networking sites about how badly trashed our schedules have become.

As Hope Clark said in her latest newsletter, The holidays are over. We’ve gained five pounds, and since most of us work at home, we wear elastic pants to avoid feeling the extra inch. Even though we work for ourselves, most of us also took the liberty of placing our writing on the back burner.

But now it’s time to get back to our writing (or other home-based business) and remember that we really love what we do. There’s no reason to let another week slide by in holiday mode. We need to write something, anything.

Maybe this is a good time to write an Amazon review, post a blog entry about writing techniques, enter a short story contest, look at that novel that ended up half done during National Novel Writing Month, or even start thinking about scheduling some book signings and readings.

Like that box of Whitman’s Sampler in the pantry, it’s time to lose those holiday habits and focus on what’s really important as well as what’s not fattening.

But it isn’t easy, is it?


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6 thoughts on “Getting out of holiday mode

  1. I don’t know if I’m out of Holiday mode yet, but one of my resolutions has been to give Uninvoked my all this year. So far so good. I’ve had over double the amount of hits I normally get, and my counter doesn’t count my own visits. 😉

  2. You got my vote!

    I don’t think we really get out of Holiday Mode until the first sign of Spring. I just checked and saw that last year my first sighting of a buttercup was on Feb. 13th, so there’s awhile yet.

  3. Would be a good time to write, but there’s so many great articles to catch up on reading, including this one. Okay, I’ll write a bit… and maybe try losing those pounds again too.

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